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EFF2 Professional Typography CD


What is on EFF2 Professional Typography CD


EFF2 Professional Typography CD Prices
Licence type upgrade from EFF1 CD New order price
Private User Licence £49 £99
School Site Licence £69 £149
Business User Licence £69 £169


Site licence for business users can be purchased on our standard condition. All prices exclude delivery (and VAT where applicable).

If you are using a RISC OS computer you can send us encripted messages (including Credit Card details) by downloading our !Secure utility.

Important new information
If you are using Iyonix or need 26/32 bit neutral software for this CD for any other reason, you can download it here. The fonts are, of course, 26/32 bit neutral and are working equally well on any RISC OS computer, but there are two applications: The new versions are entirely 26/32 bit neutral and can be obtained from here:

Before downloading these applications please download and install effShared application from Risc OS software page if you have not done so before.


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