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Fonts for Risc OS computers

EFF Acorn Type Library contains over 1,300 fonts which support over 60 languages.
All our typefaces have been designed especially for Acorn and are fully hand hinted, which guarantees that they will reproduce better than any others at all sizes on all kinds of media. They are also PostScript compatible.
We pride ourselves in providing only highest quality fonts and hope to bring to the Acorn scene the best of the world‘s typography. We are also happy to provide free advice on font related matters to all Acorn users. We are dedicated to the Risc OS platform us both developers and users and hope to be able to support the platform despite last year developments.

All the fonts, single weights or full families, are available individually on floppy discs.
A collection of 800 Latin fonts for Acorn and Windows is available on EFF2 Professional Typography CD.


Font catalogue

Samples of all our fonts are available. You can either:

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Font formats

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Languages and alphabets

If you wish to type in English only, you do not need to specify the alphabet – you will be supplied with the standard Latin 1 character set.

If you wish to type in a foreign language please check which Alphabet it belongs to from List of languages page, you may also need a Keyboard Driver.

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Keyboard drivers

Keyboard Driver is an application that allows an easy access to foreign letters from your English keyboard. Some languages may require just few additional letters not available on the keyboard, for instance German language would require just Ä, Ë, Ö, Ü and ß whereas Russian or Bengali languages would require complete remapping of the keyboard since they do not use any of the English letters.
You can use a foreign font without a keyboard driver by entering the characters‘ ASCII codes or using an application like !Chars, but the keyboard driver will make it much easier.
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Price list

All the fonts can be obtained individually (by weight). The prices of fonts vary depending on type of font and alphabet they belong to.
All the prices are on the pages displaying the font samples.

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Other products for Acorn:

Font CD:
Font collections:
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