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EFF Font Table

Now version 4.16 (August 2011)


What is EFF Font Table?

EFF Font Table (!FontTable) is a a very simple and effective application for producing font tables in !Draw format. It creates professional looking tables in seconds, and can be easily customised by a number of options. This very useful application for compiling font reference pages or catalogues, etc, is fully supported by interactive !Help and On-line manual.

EFF FontTable is part of EFF font tools series which also includes the best selling EFF TrueType Translator and EFF Type1 Translator.




Features include:


EFF Font Table - Prices


This application can be installed only on as many computers as specified in the licence.


Before downloading a free demo copy or an upgrade please download and install
effShared application from the previous page
Risc OS software


Free demo copy
You can download a free demo version of !FontTable application.
The demo version will:
  • show samples of the installed fonts
  • show tables of the installed fonts
  • but it will not
  • save Font table in Draw format.
  • The demo version has a button called "Register", if you click on it and fill an application form and email it to us with your payment details, it will become a full working copy without any restrictions.
    You may also like to download the EFF manual.
    Both downloads are zip files and can be opened with !SparkPlug.


    Free upgrade
    You can download a free !FontTable upgrade to version 4.16 (August 2011)
    It is a zip file size 68KB readable by !SparkPlug. After downloading it:  


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