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Software for Acorn:


Before downloading any of the demo versions or upgrades of the above applications, please read the followong:

All our software is now 26/32 bit neutral: you can run it on all RISC OS computers, preferably using at least version 3.5

It is recommended that a new version of software is downloaded from this site from time to time.  

All new EFF applications have their modules in a !Boot directory in order to stop duplications. All you need to do is:

  • download effShared/zip New version uploaded November 2011
  • unzip it using !SparkFS or similar
  • double-click on your !Boot directory on your HardDisc, you will see a window:
  • (Please note that the shape and look of windows and icons on your computer may be different to the ones below.)

    boot gif 

  • click on the top left corner icon called "Boot", a new window will open:
  • Boot sequence 

  • click on the last icon called "Install", a new window will open:
  • Merge gif 

  • Please drag the icon "!Boot" from the downloaded zip file into this window and click on the button called "Merge".
  • Finaly, click on "Set" button and close "Boot" window.
  • When it is all done your computer should have new eff modules loaded but just in case (some computers do not work that way), please reset your computer before testing any eff applications.

    All done! Just remember NOT to store the !Boot directory from the zip file on your HardDisc, as computer may get confused.

    When you click on one of the new EFF applications and it shows an error:

    You need new modules, please install a new effShared from www.eff.co.uk/AcornS.htm

    it means that the modules in your !Boot are too old and you need to download a newer set. We are improving things all the time!

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