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Fonts from EFF

The Electronic Font Foundry is the only foundry that provides high quality fonts for all three platforms used in the UK market: Risc OS, Windows and Macintosh systems. We are in an ideal position to supply you with fonts for distribution with your software, especially if you are using, or developing software to work across two or three platforms.

We are also unique in that we specialise in custom fonts and have a wealth of experience based on 14 years of dealing with specialist fonts, font technologies and esoteric languages. We have supplied in the past a number of specialist typefaces to leading companies such as Psion, Symbian, Pace, ICL, Anglia Multimedia or Philips to name but a few.

We offer competitive prices and full technical support - when we provide you with the licence, we take full responsibility for sorting out any relating problems that you might encounter and provide you with a guarantee that the fonts will work as expected.

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Font quality

At EFF, we pride ourselves in supplying only highest quality typefaces - all our fonts have full character sets and expert hand hinting. Hinting manages the way the font changes at various sizes and resolutions and makes sure that these changes happen in a consistent manner. Font hinting is a very time consuming craft and many font manufactures generate hints automatically with the help of a computer program. The quality of such hinting depends on the program used, which may produce anything from very poor to just about acceptable results for standard fonts, but will never give as good results as the manual proccess.

This means that EFF fonts reproduce better than any other automatically hinted fonts at all sizes on both screen and paper, they will not suffer from dropouts when printed at small sizes, and will make your documents look very professional.

Check quality of your screen fonts in our Font Test.

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Font licencing

If you would like to have some of our fonts installed on a large number of computers we can provide you with a very cost effective site licence. We offer very competitive prices on licences for large organisations and educational establishments.

School site licence

Our primary/secondary school licence costs only extra 200% of the normal price of the software and covers all the computers on the site.

Small business site licence

Site licence for up to 12 machines on one site costs extra 20% of the normal price of the software for each additional computer.

Large business site licence

The fees are based on a sliding scale, for a very large number of computers/fonts the unit price can be as low as 50p.

Please e-mail us for a quotation indicating the number and operating system of machines used on the site and the names of the fonts you are interested in.

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Custom fonts

If you need a particular font to match your specific requirements we can make a new font to your specification. We can also modify an existing font, change or add some letters to it.
We can also provide fonts in unusual formats, prepared to your specification, for example an unusual Operating System. Please e-mail us to discuss your needs.

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Bitmap fonts

We have designed a number of bitmap fonts for various customers: for use in fax machines, various display panels (printers, copying machines, radios, etc.) The number of characters, the shape and size of characters and the file formats are unique for each customer since each customer has unique requirements. If you wish to discuss your requirements please contact us.

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Font distribution licence

If you wish to distribute our fonts with your own software you need to obtain a Font Distribution License. The fee is negotiable - please e-mail us to discuss your requirements.
If you wish to distribute a very large number of copies of software we may modify the fonts to your specific requirement without an additional charge.

How much does it cost?

At EFF we realise that many developers would like to be able to supply fonts with their applications but have been discouraged by the high development costs, or poor quality of the fonts that they can afford.

Now any developer can licence EFF fonts on the basis that is most suitable for their particular needs. We can give you a choice of paying a one-off fee or quarterly royalties based on the number of the copies sold, so you will pay us for what you will have already sold.

The fees are negotiable, and depend on:

The prices are surprisingly low, so please contact us to discuss your requirements - even the most detailed discussion does not cost anything!

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