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Fonts for Macintosh
Font formats
Foreign languages and Keyboard Drivers


EFF Fonts for Macintosh

EFF Macintosh Type Library contains over 1,200 fonts which support over 50 languages.
Some of the font names we use may be different from those you are familiar with, so please contact us if you are trying to match an existing font. We offer fonts made to a very high standard for a fraction of the price fonts of the same quality usually cost. We also offer free advice on font related matters and can provide you with a site licence, font distribution licence or a custom font made to your specification.


Font catalogue

Samples of all our fonts are available. You can either:

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Font formats

We supply PostScript, TrueType and OpenType fonts for Macintosh computers. System requirements are as follows:

Fonts in PostScript Type 1 format

Fonts in Unicode TrueType format

Fonts in old TrueType format

Fonts in OpenType format
These fonts are in PostScript Type 2 format with Unicode encoding. They combine the best features of PostScript and TrueType fonts.

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Languages and alphabets

If you wish to use the fonts for English language only, you do not need to specify the alphabet – you will be supplied with the Standard character set.

If you wish to type in a foreign language please check Languages or Alphabets pages to see which alphabet it belongs to, you will probably also need a Keyboard Driver.

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Keyboard drivers

Keyboard Driver is an application that allows an easy access to all the letters and symbols in a font. You are probably used to a version of English or USA Keyboard Driver and use special combinations of keystrokes on your computer to type in accented letters or typographical symbols. Our Keyboard Drivers are made to provide an easy access to foreign letters from your English (QWERTY) keyboard.
Some languages may require just few additional letters not available on the keyboard, for instance, German would require just Ä, Ë, Ö, Ü and ß whereas Russian or Bengali would require complete remapping of the keyboard since they do not use any of the English letters.



All the fonts can be obtained individually (by weight) or as a whole family. The prices of fonts vary depending on type of font and alphabet they belong to.
All the prices are on the pages showing the font samples.

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