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Alphabetical list of languages for Windows


Fonts are usually made for more than one language. A group of languages for which the font is suitable is called an alphabet. Quite often a language is available in several different alphabets (in particular English language is available in most of the font alphabets), but the list below gives you the main alphabet.
The official Windows alphabets are known as Code Pages and are shown below with Code Page (CP) number, other alphabets do not have any status and, consequently, do not have a common standard in Windows.

If you do not see a language you need, please get in touch with us - we might have fonts for it.


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Language Click to see full alphabet for
Africaans Latin Extended
Albanian Standard
Abkhaz Cyrillic Extended
Azerbaijani (Cyrillic) Cyrillic Extended
Azerbaijani (Latin) Latin Extended
Bashkir Cyrillic Extended
Belarusian Cyrillic
Bosnian Cyrillic
Bulgarian Cyrillic
Buryat Cyrillic Extended
Croatian Central European
Czech Central European
Danish Standard
Dungan Cyrillic Extended
Dutch Standard
English Standard
Esperanto Latin Extended
Estonian Baltic
Faroese Standard
Finnish Standard
French Standard
Gaelician Latin Extended
German Standard
Greek Ancient Greek Unicode
Greek Modern Modern Greek
Greenlandic Latin Extended
Hebrew Biblical Biblical Hebrew
Hebrew Modern Hebrew
Hungarian Central European
Icelandic Standard
Irish Standard
Italian Standard
Kalmyk Cyrillic Extended
Kazakh Cyrillic Extended
Kirghyz Cyrillic Extended
Kurdish (Latin) Turkish
Kurdish (Cyrillic) Cyrillic Extended
Lappish (Sami) Latin Extended
Latin Standard
Latvian Baltic
Lithuanian Baltic
Macedonian Cyrillic
Maltese Latin Extended
Moldovan (Cyrillic) Cyrillic
Moldovan (Latin) Central European
Mongolian Cyrillic Extended
Montenegrin Cyrillic
Norwegian Standard
Ossetian Cyrillic Extended
Polish Central European
Portuguese Standard
Romanian Central European
Russian Cyrillic
Russian Accented Russian Accented
Serbian Cyrillic
Slovak Central European
Slovene Central European
Sorbian Central European
Spanish Standard
Swedish Standard
Tajik Cyrillic Extended
Tatar Cyrillic Extended
Turkish Turkish
Turkmen Cyrillic Extended
Tuvan Cyrillic Extended
Ukrainian Cyrillic
Uzbek Cyrillic Extended
Vietnamese Vietnamese
Welsh Latin Extended
Yakut Cyrillic Extended

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